About Us

Interview Done by Action Magazine

What Does "Fadelife" mean?

Fadelife is the brand for those that push the envelope of fashion. This is a brand that does more than stimulate the senses with unique, one of a kind pieces. It’s more than a brand it’s a lifestyle. Don’t live the basic life, live the Fadelife.

Fadelife Motto: To have a brand that is inclusive to everyone and not exclusive to a few.

What made you start your own clothing line?

I have always been an artist and fond of everything dealing with art. Growing up, I was very influenced by anime, skateboarding, basketball and fashion. I would ask my parents to take me to the various places to view art, along with asking for the most unconventional action figures to practice drawing or to use as a reference for clothing.

When I went off to college, this hobby blossomed into me doing freelance designing for multiple indy companies and organizations while I finished my degree. This is where I came up with the name ‘Fadelife’ while brainstorming with one of my current business partners. At that time the Fadelife idea was a concept I placed on the shelf, and decided to focus solely on school. During that time, I continued to do freelance logos and designs for other companies, and I found myself being called on more and more to come up with various design ideas to build their brands. While doing this several of my friends asked why I continued to do all of that freelance work, and why was I doing it so cheap or for free. My reply would always remain the same, “It’s just something I love to do!” People continued to inquire about me starting my own brand, until one day I decided to go full force with the idea.

Where do you find your design inspiration?

I really really love art and being surround by a culture of expressing the things that are important to you. I always tend to find inspiration for designs when driving around and looking out the window, using precious life experiences, or basically anything I come in contact with to blast my mind off into a random tangent of thinking of designs. Also its weird, but I vividly remember every dream I have. Most of the time they are the craziest dreams, and I remember every little detail and use that for my designs. Other than that anime, music, art, sports, traveling, movies, and tv shows also help influence a lot of my designs and thoughts.

Have you ever been bullied?

I was picked on constantly growing up. I watched anime (when it wasn’t cool like it is now). I also liked the X-games, comics, pokemon, Digimon, trading cards, art, and fashion. Growing up, it wasn’t cool to wear some of the things that I did and I was often called weird. Somehow I always had friends to come to my rescue and a big sister who was ready to fight all the time to protect me lol. But eventually all the things I actually liked came into style so I kinda became the subject matter expert. People would come to me asking who is this character in anime or where did I get something from. So my life drastically changed after that.

What is your advice to kids that are suffering from bullying?

Don’t be afraid to be who you are because most of the people who hurt others are the most unhappy people in the world. Never change yourself to fit in with society because then you will become unhappy and you never want to be living for others when you can be enjoying your life to the fullest the way you want.